9 / 10 JULY

Solent Dance Championships is a group competition aimed at showcasing the best of your school. This can be through specific competition routines or a few of your favourite group dances performed to friends and family at your dance school show. We would love to see as many students as possible take part across the routines to really make it feel like team effort. We also encourage dance schools, and their supporters, to wear their schools apparel - it's all about cheering your school on and working as a team!


You will be allowed to enter a MAXIMUM of 8 group dances for a fee of £30 per routine. We have done this to ensure that all schools get an equal amount of dances therefore making the competition as fair as possible. You do not have to enter 8 groups but the more you enter the more points you could win!

There will be no individual medals. Instead, points will be awarded to schools who finish in the top 4 positions within their group. These scores will then get added up and the school with the most points at the end of the day will be crowned SOLENT DANCE SCHOOL OF THE YEAR!

GOLD - 50 points

SILVER - 30 points

BRONZE - 20 points

RUNNER UP - 10 points

A group is between 5 - 20 dancers, the age of the oldest dancer within the group will determine the age category.​ Dances must not exceed 5 minutes.

Categories are: 

STAGE - Tap, Modern Jazz, Contemporary, Lyrical

CLASSICAL - Character, Ballet, National or Greek


WILD CARD - Acro, Street, Hip Hop, Pom Dance etc. - any dance genre not stated in the other 3 sections!

Age groups:

JUNIOR - 9 & under

INTER - 10 - 13 yrs

SENIOR - 14+

You will not be allowed to enter more than one style of dance within the same age group, eg. cannot enter two Senior Jazz groups but can enter Inter Jazz and Senior Jazz or Senior Jazz and Senior Tap. You may enter all of your groups in the same category providing they abide by the above rule, so for example you can enter a Jazz routine for all 3 age group plus a Tap routine for all 3 age groups and Inter Lyrical and Senior Contemporary. Ideally we would like to see a good mixture of routines as this highlights the versatility of your school!


Please download and complete the entry form then email to along with a list of the dancers taking part in each group with their DOB and any medical conditions. This can be in either Word or Excel format. You will then receive an invoice for payment.