Solent Novice Dance Festival opened in 2020 and is a competition aimed at giving aspiring young dancers a chance to build their confidence and experience performing at a competition level in a friendly and welcoming environment. We encourage dancers who are new to training to start at the Novice festival with a goal to progressing to the Open competition.

Our Open festival started in 2021 and follows on the same pattern of the Novice festival with the exception that the dancers who take part at this festival are often seasoned competitors and have generally been training for many years. Performance and technique levels are more advanced than at our Novice festival which is why we encourage newer dancers to find their feet at the Novice festival before moving on to our Open arena, however we will happily accept Novice dancers if they do wish to compete at the Open festival.

The dancers at both festivals will be given feedback from a professional adjudicator highlighting areas such as technique, expression, and musicality which will allow the performer to see where they can improve. Certificates will be given to all competitors with medals and trophies given to those who place or score highly.


The founder, Alaina, says


'I created Solent Dance Festivals to bring opportunities to dancers in the community. I had orginally come up with the idea of a Novice only festival as I competed at this level when I first started out in the festival world and remember how much confidence it gave me. The Open festival was introduced this year because so many dancers at the Novice festival had out scored themselves but loved the encouraging and friendly atmosphere and wanted the opportunity to compete again. I hope the festival will continue to grow year on year and become an annual event that both dance teachers and their students look forward to attending'.


All the photographs seen on this website were taken at the 2020 festival by our festival photographer Nic at Dance Propaganda! We are excited to have him return for our Open festival in 2022!

Nic takes high quality, live action photographs of all dancers at the festival which can be purchased after the event. 

He also offers individual studio shoots, powder shoots, duo or group shoots and can even come to your dance school to shoot in your studio for your own promotional use.

For more information visit the website or follow Dance Propaganda on Facebook.



All food and drink at the festival is provided by Jacket Required Hayling.

A family run business, Jacket Required brings delicious baked potatoes with a variety of hot and cold fillings to feed the family at affordable prices.

They also provide hot and cold drinks and a selection of sweet treats, pastries and crisps.

For a sneak peek at their menu visit their website or follow them on social media for mouth watering photos of their spuds in action!

Jacket Required (jacketrequiredhayling.com)