1. A Novice is a dancer who has never gained more than 83 marks in a discipline regardless of any previous placings at a LIVE festival. Virtual or online festival scores will not be counted. 

2. A dancer who is not classed as a Novice in one section will not be restricted from entering other sections in a novice competition, provided they meet the above criteria. All Novice dancers are permitted to enter the Open festival regardless of ability.

3. ALL dancers taking part in Duets, Trios or Groups in a Novice festival MUST be classed as Novice. Dancers will be disqualified if this rule is not adhered to. 


4. A baby retains their Novice status regardless of any places gained in either Novice or Open competitions previously. 


5. Fees and music must accompany entry forms with the names of the competitors before the closing date of WEDNESDAY 31 AUGUST 2O22. All entry forms require the signature of a parent/guardian.

6. All music supplied must be in a readable digital format. It is advisable to take a backup CD or music on a phone to the festival. 

7. Organisers have the right to refuse late entries.


8. Independent entries will be accepted if accompanied by a signed letter of agreement from the teacher if applicable.


9. Any child under the licensing age of 16 must be accompanied by a parent / legal guardian. A teacher or another parent cannot claim responsibility for a child unless they are a licensed chaperone.

10. Timing must be strictly adhered to otherwise the dancer will be disqualified.

11. NO POINTE WORK is permitted in any Novice section regardless of the age of the competitor. Open competitors may show pointe work in Intermediate and Senior sections only

12. Candidates may only enter once in any one solo section within that festival.

13. In duet and trio sections, candidates may enter more than once in the same category as long as they are competing with a different partner(s).

14. A competitor’s age will be taken from 1 OCTOBER 2022 for the NOVICE festival only. In duets, trios and groups the eldest performer determines the age group of the routine.

15. When entering Character, National or Group sections please write descriptive titles on the entry forms.

16. In the event that only 1 entry is received for a Solo section, the Organiser will either combine this with another suitable section where possible, or withdraw the entry if necessary.

17. The Organiser reserves the right to change, alter or combine parts of the programme as necessary.

18. The Festival can offer no guarantee as to the day or time at which a section will be presented, once the final programme has been drawn up this must be adhered to.

19. The running order will not be changed. Should candidates fail to appear at their specified time the entry could be forfeited. The Festival timetable will be sent out as soon as possible before the start date.

20. Competitors are required to be at the competition at least one hour before their section is due to perform. 


21. Only competitors and teachers and/or chaperones with a current DBS are allowed on the side and back of the stage. Copies of DBS certificates must be supplied if requested by the Organiser.

22. For solo, duet and trio sections either piano or instrumental music must be used for ballet. Music with vocals may be used for tap, providing the tone and sound quality of the performance is not compromised. Vocals are not allowed for song and dance. All other sections have a freedom of choice of music.

23. Acrobatic work in Modern sections is not allowed excluding two handed cartwheels, splits and split leaps and jumps. Any dance containing this style should be entered into the Acro section. Any entries that do not comply with the above will not be placed by the adjudicator.

24. In all classes please ensure the costume, movement and music is appropriate for the age of the entrant.


25. The adjudicators decision is final, the organisers will not be drawn into any discussions regarding this.


26. No recording or photography (excluding the official Festival photographer / organiser) will be permitted whilst a performer is on stage under any circumstances. Festival staff will ask you to leave the premises if this is not adhered to.


26. No fees are refundable (except where Rule 15 applies).


28. The Festival accepts no liability for any item of equipment or clothing etc. which may be damaged or stolen at any time during the competition. 

29. Certificates may only be collected by the teacher or a designated assistant during breaks or at the end of the day.


30. Trophies won by competitors can be kept by them at the festival's discretion

31. Teachers must ensure that any student who is likely to receive a trophy or award is present at the presentations, or that someone is happy to collect on their behalf. In the case of the winner not being present the teacher will be charged postage if they wish for the trophy to be posted to them / the dancer.


32. No jewellery is to be worn on stage with the exception of medical items and props.


33. Competitors with tattoos must ensure they are concealed.


34. Teachers are responsible for their students behaviour at all times. The teacher is responsible for checking the dressing rooms to ensure everything is in order before leaving the premises.


35. Eating and drinking in the changing rooms is not allowed.


36. No visible coaching is allowed whilst the dancer is on stage (baby classes excluded).

37. Medals will be awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd places with a 4th place called out for Achievement. All dancers in Duet & Trios will be awarded a medal if placed. Group dances will receive a certificate only.